Sportssjef Software is the newest fully responsive web platform built to support executive teams of sports organizations and their volunteers through automation and collaboration.


Tools like calendars, tasks and billing to support the management and operations of your organization.

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Tools to communicate to and solicit communications from your members, keeping you in touch.

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Tools to share information about your organization to promote or execute projects that help you grow.

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Tools that allow you to manage rich content on your site to help your visitors find answers.

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750+ users

430+ calendar subscriptions

200+ articles published

48,000+ messages sent

34,000+ messages opened

470+ events

750+ games

1450+ practices

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How to use Sportssjef's calendar and tasks to keep your teams and executive organized and informed.

How to use Sportssjef's messaging system, surveys, polls and other engagement tools to connect with your members.

How to use Sportssjef's catalogues to centralize digital resources for marketing, and promotions of your programs.

How to use Sportssjef's content management systems to build out information on your organization to share with your visitors.