Share critical events with all members of your organization on the public website, or with your contacts. The Sportssjef calendar shows all of your events in one spot across all organizations. Share rich editor information in event notes for virtual meeting links and more. Or, link to a facility for in-person events.


Stay on track with critical projects by creating personal to-do items for yourself, or sub-groups within your organization. Place tasks into shareable folders to stay organized.

Schedule Builder

Select your pool size, the target number of games, the pool grouping type, the pool style, and whether teams will play home and home. Add teams to your schedule, and the schedule builder will do the rest. It will split all teams into evenly split or ranked pools, and then create all of the games to hit the target number of games.

Billing (Invoicing/Payments)

Treasurer users can create and send invoices to your members. Using one of your preferred payment methods, members can then record that they have made a payment. Clear the invoice after confirming that payment has been made.

Program Registrations

Registration setups allow you to manage multiple seasons of programming in all named divisions. Select any questions registrants must fill out upon registration. Have something to promote or a special offer for specific registrants? Select promotions to highlight your partner promotions or give discounts to specific users. Choose how your members will pay as supported by your organization.

Tournament Registrations

Create rich information about your hosted tournament/event. This public-facing information permits visitors to register for your programs. Automate your reminder/acceptance/rejection process with built-in payment reminders and deadlines. Registered visitors can view the status of their registration as well as, based on the tournament's configuration, other organizations that have also registered. Registrations automatically close once the tournament is full.

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Tools to communcate to and solicit communications from your members, keeping you in touch.

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Tools to share information about your organziation to promote or execute on projects that help you grow.

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Tools that allow you to manage rich content on your site to help your visitors find answers.

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How to use Sportssjef's calendar and tasks to keep your teams and executive organized and informed.

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