Create and store, sharable information in a centralized searchable location available to all members or your organization's contacts. Attach pictures and files to enhance the details of your message. Published notes are emailed to all of your share-with contacts and it provides open rate tracking. Users can collaborate on each note by replying to the emailed message from within their personal email client.


Centrally store shared files with your members. Ideal for marketing materials and other long-term digital assets. Organize your files into sharable folders to stay organized.


View all images shared with you directly from this page. Click on the image to open a detail image and view a slide show. To have images available to your visitors they will need to be shared with the organization.


Create Product Categories, and Products to build your asset collection. Add assets to the asset collection as you receive quotes from suppliers. Put the asset into service with an estimated life span. Sportssjef automatically ages the asset to expiring and out of service as the asset ages. The Assets page allows you to view the status of all of your assets and their valuation. Viewing expiring/needed assets will help with purchase planning and budgeting.


Create a collection of individuals to highlight within your organization using Spotlights. Schedule their display on the home page to promote why everyone should join you. More than one person to spotlight at a time? Don't worry, Sportssjef will display them randomly to ensure everyone is seen!


Celebrate and share the accomplishments of previous members of your organization through a collection of information and accolades in your alumni database. Alumni are selected at random to display on the home page with a link to the full listing.


Collect reference information about your organization and programming from current or previous members. Three random testimonials with pictures show on the homepage with links to the full listing.


At the heart of any organization is the staff that makes everything work. Provide visitors with a view into the heart through quick descriptions, images and titles for each member of your staff. Linked in the Contact Us page and full listing on the home page, visitors can reach out to your staff via Google Captcha guarded forms.


Keep track of the certifications that your organization members have. Each user can have multiple certifications with quick visualizations of expiring or expired certificates.

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Tools like calendars, tasks and billing to support the management and operations of your organization.

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Tools to communcate to and solicit communications from your members, keeping you in touch.

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Tools that allow you to manage rich content on your site to help your visitors find answers.

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How to use Sportssjef's calendar and tasks to keep your teams and executive organized and informed.

How to use Sportssjef's messaging system, surveys, polls and other engagement tools to connect with your members.

How to use Sportssjef's catalogues to centralize digital resources for marketing, and promotions of your programs.

How to use Sportssjef's content management systems to build out information on your organization to share with your visitors.