Share your message to the public using the built-in content management system. Create unique menus and pages best suited to your organization. Pages can be published on-demand or deleted as needed allowing providing an editing and collaboration workflow.


Articles allow you to create and publish messages that are delivered directly to your members' inboxes. Message open rates are tracked allowing you to keep article content engaging and relevant to your members. Attach pictures and files to enhance your message.

Team Pages

Add/Retire teams from this page. Teams may be shared with everyone in your organization’s full hierarchy or just your organization. Team staff can customize the content descriptions for the pages providing additional information about team special events or members. See the teams' schedules or review the teams' stats. Team staff can be reached directly by using the team’s contact us page.


Share important information on events or sales by creating attractive and engaging advertisements. Advertisements show directly on your home page and can include a short description of the advertisement, as well as a call to action linking to where more information can be found.


Link your Sportssjef calendar to your personal calendar. Sportssjef subscriptions only need to be created one time and are aggregated, regardless of the number of teams you are subscribed to or are connected with, or the number of organizations that you belong to on the Sportssjef platform.